Remote Patient Monitoring

Our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) simplifies how patients, doctors and caregivers track, monitor and manage health conditions. Track useful and timely information in an efficient manner for focused and timely interventions and interactions. Engage patients through technology tools and support to streamline and enable teachable moments. Health coaching video calls, automated notifications and scalable resource allocation. Cutting-edge cross platform management services and software tools, coupled with innovative hardware tools enable organizations to deliver large scale remote health monitoring and population management services across the healthcare ecosystem.

Built For You

We’re here to help. Our scalable system has got you covered – whether you’re an individual looking to manage your own health or a professional looking to monitor thousands of patients.


Use our easy-to-use devices or stick to ones you’re already familiar with – all while using our automated software tools.


Save time, lower costs, and reduce: EF visits, hospital bed days and readmissions. Efficiently manage patients from virtually anywhere.


Scale as big or as small as you want. It’s all made possible by our innovative cloud-based intelligent platform.

How it works

We’ve worked hard to create the easiest and most intuitive system on the market. Wireless operation means no complicated installations and no need for patients to ever touch a computer. Send patient readings to the cloud without any user input. Doctors and nurses only need to open a web browser to start managing patients in minutes.


Reading at home


The Ideal Life Secure Cloud™ Communicates information across your healthcare network.


Your healthcare network can intervene when necessary. Analytics and intelligent services make managing conditions more efficient.

Made To Work With Raziel or
3rd party Devices

Seamlessly integrate existing monitoring devices with our system. Use devices from Bayer, Nonin, Microlife, A&D. Nipro, Abbott and more. Don’t have any of those? No problem – you can use our own IDEAL LIFE devices, specially designed to work with all of our system’s features.