Health Plans

Our solutions provide population analytics and intelligent algorithms, which can be integrated with health plan back-end systems, enabling payers to risk-stratify their populations and identify where to focus their efforts. Early detection and trends in care management allow for care delivery to be altered or customized, often helping prevent costly escalations in care like avoidable hospitalizations.

  • Reliable and scalable solutions for screening, monitoring, and communicating with patients with acute exacerbations, chronic conditions, or early detection like suspected COVID-19
  • Proven workflows that optimize care management teams and encourage clinicians to practice at the top of their license by removing inefficient steps and automating documentation
  • CMS compliant Remote Patient Management services
  • Capable of providing physician to patient e-health interactions that include biometrics in the comfort of their homes including Skilled Nursing Facilities.
  • Robust Chronic Care Management tools to improve clinical outcomes, patient experience, and overall care effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Virtual consultations available between providers to optimize specialist expertise, reduce travel inefficiencies, or improve timely care plan changes
  • Our population analytics and intelligent algorithms allow providers to risk-stratify their populations and decide where to focus limited resources.
  • Fully integrated with Cerner, Epic, MediTech and many other leading EMRs
  • Our virtual care technologies are protecting patients and health care providers during the COVID-19 outbreak by reducing risk exposure and promoting “stay at home”.