Monitoring + Surveillance + Innovation Ecosystem

Medical Grade Monitoring at Home

RazSafe Monitor™

Phone, Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter 

Simple and Intuitive

Zero-Setup: Devices come pre-configured and setup out of the box.

No Technology Confusion: Our devices are designed for seniors in mind and provide very intuitive messages (e.g., “transmitting”, “transmission successful”).

Optimized for Seniors: Simple, yet practical features like auto shut off to avoid battery drain

No Wifi Connection Necessary: While our gateway works on home wifi, we designed our system for reliability. Our gateway connects over cellular network, ensuring data always gets to clinicians at the right time to intervene.

RazSafe highIntensity™

Phone, Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter 
+Additional Devices Based On Chronic Conditions


RazSafe Connect™

Real-time patient reported information

Clinically sound digital care pathways, that is personalized based on patient’s underlying conditions. 

Seamlessly connected to the command center, with ability to move to medical grade monitoring with a single click. 

RazConnect - Patient/ Member Surveillance App

Casting a Wider Net: Monitor members/patients that are relatively at lower risk, but need to monitored (e.g., patients that have 1-2 chronic conditions who are not provided with a monitoring kit/devices, but can check in periodically).

Seamless Switching: Provides the ability to seamlessly switch between intense monitoring with devices at home, and self-reported information using intelligent chat bot.

Build once deploy everywhere: The clinical guidelines and digital protocols are created once and utilized across RazAlive and RazConnect, providing seamless experience for users and care management team members. Works on iPhone and Android devices.

Innovation Ecosytem


Our “open source” ecosystem for innovation to respond to pandemic by powering national studies.